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Pay It Forward

A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess Mega-Major Swoon! Im not a huge chick lit fan, but I fricken loved this! From dating, to one night stands, flirting, friends, work, bosses, room-mates, family. It's all covered and well done.Oh and it's hilarious. The main character is sensible, relatable and funny. I was a giggling, swooning mess reading this thing. And there's references to so many icons of the 90's. The simpsons? tick. Enid Blyton? tick. Clueless, (quite possibly the best chick flick of the 90's). Tick. Im now going to go rent Roxanne (also reference, but sadly not seen by moi). Then tomorrow im purchasing Burgess's other book "The dating detox". Im so excited!