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Pay It Forward

Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side - Katherine Kellgren, Beth Fantaskey My rating of 2 stars is in accordance with the goodreads star system, meaning i thought this book was okay, but not enough to recommend it. The premise started off well, Lucious was a humorous character and it was fun reading about the challenges he faced in regards to fitting in and understanding Jessica. Reading about Jess's shock to finding out about her family added a fun feeling to the novel and kept things interesting. Once introduced to these concepts and as story progresses the storyline becomes frustrating, and honestly in the end I really didn't care if Jessica and Lucious ended up together or not. Outside of these characters there was barely any character development and Lucious's change of character throughout the book from mysterious to charming, uninterested and then finally to angry vampire was confusing. Admittedly some reasons were given/implied to explain this change of character, however most of these reasons were unconvincing.