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Pay It Forward

Red Glove - Holly Black There is just so much I adore about this series so far...I LOVE this modern/futuristic world Holly Black has created, with supernatural talents combined with gangsta crime and cons which are reminiscent of leonardo di caprios role (ala Frank Abagnale Jnr) in Catch me if you can.Then in addition to this wonderful setting we have some great characters. Cassel is a great mixture of fun (conning people into doing what he wants them to do) and maturity, obstaining from entering a life of crime/murder depsite being the perfect "talent" for it. Then we have Lila "please end up with cassel" love interest who holds her own and is far from the bella swan pushovers which have begun to creep into most young adult fiction recently. Then theres the vast characters of Cassels family, all of which are likeable especially Barron the bad boy brother and his adorable mother, who i couldnt possibly justify with words but possesses the perfect mixture of immaturity and power.I cant recommend this series enough. After finishing this book i couldnt help but wish myself as a glove wearing secret curse worker. Buy this book now and read it! 5 stars!