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Pay It Forward

Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard This book is the replica of that holiday that you hope never ends.Remember as a youngster when you'd spend hours upon hours playing outdoors with friends. The possibilities seamed endless, and everything was still at the stage where it's considered new or exciting. It is those same components which are responsible for why I love travelling so much. Travelling overseas and seeing new environments, people, scenarious, food, culture, shopping and the unknown is my ultimate idea of an orgasmic time. This is exactly why I dearly LOVE this book. It's pretty much everything I've mentioned with the addition of a swoon-worthy guy toppled with cream. This book highlights the best things about travel and brings the excitement and experience to your doorstep. It's that good, and if you love travelling like me, it'll make you lust for a new holiday, if not get you ready to start saving for one.