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Pay It Forward

How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo Im undecided... Should I be giving this book 5 stars for the writing, or should i give it 1 star for the main protagonist and the stupid decisions she makes.The writing however, is undeniably poetic. And Music Lovers, I think, will love it."Personally, I dont like inherently happy people. I dont trust them. I think there's something seriously wrong with anyone who isn't at least a little let down by the world" And in reference to Autumn leaves "Isn't it funny to think that this magnificant piece of matter is in a state of decay? Really can you think of any other living thing that looks this glorious as its dieing" It's these types of quotes and the characters throughout, that endear me to give this at least 4 stars. From the opening pages where Eliza breaks down in front of her Idol superstar (Doug), to the crazy barman, to the undeniable attraction between Eliza and Paul, you may not like the decisions Eliza makes, but the easygoing and intense relationships surrounding her make you want to read this until your heart breaks. Unfortunately the stupid decisions did take their toll on me. Especially THE major one that sends everything plummeting. From there on in my enjoyment of the writing took a backstage to the fustrations of wanting to rip my hair out and yell at Eliza to make better choices.*Spoilerish > I didnt see the twists coming at the end, which felt somewhat too fairytale-ish to me for the tone of the book. On the other hand though, I think i would have felt ripped off if it didnt happen, like it was suppose to end that way all along, I just didnt like the way the story unfolded to get to that point. Im still undecided.