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Pay It Forward

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith A very sweet book, almost tempted to give it 5 stars. Unfortunately the book only goes on the basis of events which occur over a 48 hour period with some flashbacks. However these 48 hours are gorgeously written and I believe it's a credit to the writing that I wanted to know more. If anything, it's too short. I could have spent several more days getting to know the main characters and im positive that I would not have gotten to the bored stage. I want to know more about Oliver's family, his ex gf, college, Haden's mum, her dad and her friends. I also want to know whats going to happen with them in the short term future!!I'm also a complete sucker for parents like Haydens, and although Hayden, her mum and her dad arnt a part of a perfect family unit, I loved how we saw Hayden's angst in regards to it, as well as the way she manages to realise that she needs to get over it. And of course Hayden and Oliver... their relationship is one you will happily go along for a ride with. Why cant i meet gorgeous british boys whenever I go to the airport.