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Pay It Forward

Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey I have 120 pages left. Considering it has 983 pages, its almost painful to give up at this stage but Im at an absolute breaking point. So yes Im giving up at approximately 90% of the way through, and I just honestly wished i'd listened to myself and given up earlier. (Damn that inner voice which said, "it might get better")First off i'll say for a large portion of reading this, I was confused. Names in particular caused headaches... Ghislain de Somerville, Melisande Shahrizai, Drustan mab Necthana, Quintilius Rousse, and thats from the 3 pages i could be bothered grabbing names from. There's many more names where that came from. What kept me reading was definately my love for history and historical fiction. Whilst I love historical fiction, and Kushiel's dart does historical and political intrigue well, Im at a point where I just need things to be explained in a normal and easy-to-understand manner. I can somewhat understand the love this book has recieved from fans, even in the long drawn out writing, however personally i'll be shelving this one on my "not for me" shelf.