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Pay It Forward

Awaken Me Darkly  - Gena Showalter Okay Okay okay, I concieve!! More a less a 3 star read but Im feeling generous considering I actually enjoyed this far more than I expected to. By all my own bases, this book should be terrible. The idea of aliens somewhat disturbs me, Im not a fan of the heavy-romance or the sci-fi genre and the cover screams absolutely trashy. And yes, at times its absolutely trashy but still, I enjoyed this. The plot is surprisingly good. There's a few twists and turns throughout that actually managed to surprise me and in addition to this I enjoyed the sci fi and futuristic elements. The characters, like most romance central books, annoyed me with their "I love you", "be mine", "your amazing" ; love sickening dialogue, but it was to be expected at the appropriate times for a romance novel. It wasn't sickening enough for me to put the book down or stop reading. All in all a solid read. If it were more centred on it's sci-fi components as apposed to romance, i actually think i'd be continueing on with the series. Quite a surprisingly good read considering my expectations going in. Definately recommended for romance fans.