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Pay It Forward

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart - Deb Caletti There's a little mannerism in Caletti's writing in which she'll be talking about one thing and switch into a different path before jumping back into the one she was originally taking. It's a little annoying because most of the time the different path isnt all that interesting and eventually adds nothing to the original line of thought. Caletti's books all have interesting subjects, or at least subjects you want to read about. Stay, my first Caletti read hit me hard. I loved it, despite the annoying mannerism previously discussed I found the subject manner refreshing, the writing addictive and the characters likeable. The same can be said for Honey, baby, sweetheart. I loved reading about a shy girl coming out of her shell with a bad boy, bending the rules whilst her mum dealt with a father that clearly had issues with acting his age. Whilst in general it did deliver the storyline, i felt like their was still a lot missing. Dare I say it, but moments of excitement were mostly drowned out by moments of nothingness. I skipped a lot of sections (particular the book club bits), in order to get to the sections in which i was more interested in. Oh and I have to add, I LOVE the cover. I dont know why but I love sticking my limbs outside care windows. Strange huh?