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Pay It Forward

Riders - Jilly Cooper Okay so I'm going to address the cover 1st. If you want to take a tip from me, dont buy this from a secondhand bookstore with a seedy old male cashier. Also, the cover leads one to believe that the contents of this book will be more risque than actually so. It's risque, but it's not detailed and there's far more time spent on characterisation.In regards to the quality of the book, it was very long and truthfully Im not really sure what to say... I enjoyed getting to know all the characters, their unique personas and personalities, and i loved the journey they all went through, but Im a tad stirred up by the ending. I just wish i could live in perfectville and set everything straight for them all. At last though, I think ive utterly fallen in love with the world of horseriding and the characters, Rupert, Jake, Helen, Billy, Fen, Dino. and therefore, yes i will be reading the next in the series. Rivals.