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Pay It Forward

Nightshifted - Cassie Alexander There were sections I completely daydreamed over. Lets just get Ti out of the way. Zombie boyfriend Ti... nothing. No spark, no degree of good banter, not even mind-candy due to the fact that the bloke was quite literally dead and ate flesh to recuperate after he gets err "damaged". Zombie boyfriends, not a good idea.I quite liked the main character Edie though. I'm a nurse, and it was obvious the author was one too due to the accuracy portrayed in the hospital setting. For the non-nurse reader however, id imagine these tidbits to be annoying and the medical references to be confusing. I also liked that Edie wasn't the typical Mary-sue, the special girl everyone loves, or the bad-ass chick with attitude.I dont have much more to say. Im still not 100% sure if Ill check out the next one. Im somewhat interested but not invested.