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Pay It Forward

The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp I feel that to truly enjoy this book, it needs to come with a prefix. This is not a love story aka 500 days of summer, and there's no red ribbon ending.This is a book which rides on the spectacular now of Sutter Keely, and what a fitting title. Sutter Keely is the best and worst of both worlds, the party and the alone. Firstly, great name and great character. At first glance Sutter is a heroic, fun, chivalrous guy... the guy you want to be around. It's not until you travel through to the end that your presented with the story behind the perfect picture. Instead you get presented with the realization that everyone has their own mess, drama, conflicts and fuckery to deal with, no matter how big or small. It's a book with depth. The more I think about the story (not just Sutter Keely's, but the secondary characters and their mini dilemma's) and the way in which we live our lives and care what certain others think about us, the more I appreciate this work of fiction.