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Pay It Forward

Dare Me - Megan Abbott This book is the epitome of what a clique of girls can and will do to each other. The helplessness, the highs, the annoyance, and the power that comes with the territory of social standing. The book delves into a different aspect on cheerleaders which strays far from the colourful, pom pom waving, beautiful, pretty smiling teenage girls. Instead your thrown into the competitive, ruthless and selfish standpoints of young impressionable individual girls, who happen to be cheerleaders. The writing is just the perfect mix of first person narration, beauty and dialogue. And it may be 2012, but the novel doesn't follow the crush and romanticized trend that has been done to death as of late. It too, involves a murder mystery of sorts that isn't entirely predictable and also highlights the themes of the novel without taking the attention away from them. So yeah, read this. In a somewhat thematic viewpoint, it has a similar vibe to Courtney Summer's Some girls Are, but better. If your looking for contemporary romance, an easy read, butterfly good feel emotions, you should look elsewhere.