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Pay It Forward

Dance of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I was very impressed by Griffins previous titles; Masque of Red Death and Handcuffs. Dance of the Red Death meanwhile not so much.I wont go into a whole review because im on a state of disappointment and I want to go jive to some music to drown my emotional sorrows. Of course the girl didn't choose the guy I was barracking for (This tends to be my curse).But, I will go on to ask, was the duo-logy necessary? Dance of Red Death does nothing but tie up the loose ends that were deliberately put in place in MORD to create the need for a squeal. In doing so dragging out a love triangle and plot that, whilst worked in book 1, becomes utterly boring and frustrating in book 2. Perhaps I should be thankful they didnt drag this out into a trilogy.