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Pay It Forward

Omens - Kelley Armstrong Well colour me totally impressed.I'm embarrassed to say my first thoughts when picking up Omens was that of, "Really 500 pages, how tedious". I'm glad however to say that Ive been left eating my words as by the end of those 500 pages I wanted more.Omens begins with privileged Olivia, good education, good money, good future. That is until she finds out she was adopted, and her biological parents are in fact notorious serial killers. Things get shaken up and she ends up in Cainsville, a town near Chicago, where she starts investigating her parents case.Olivia is a great main character. Dare-i-say its nice to have a blonde main character who isn't dumb, slutty or out trying to steal everyone's boyfriend. She's level headed, able to make smart decisions and witty. I liked the mystery of Cainsville and I liked that it wasn't shoved in your face. Olivia (who can spot omens) talent likewise is slowly introduced and made fairly believable. The Cat, or TC. Loved it. Gabriel is a great character, Its obvious he's some sort of romantic interest and I'm interested to see where it ends up. I love their working relationship and Im happy that they will continue to work with each other in the future. At the same time, loved that Olivia wanted to maintain her own source of income away from Gabriel so that she was not totally dependent on him. Independent women exist y'all!The other supporting characters remain interesting. From her adoptive mother, James, Patrick, the old folks of Cainsville, her real estate agent. They all add something and are well built into the story. The only disappointing thing... I really hope I don't have to wait long for book 2. I need to know what happens next, between the characters, the further investigation and hopefully more answers on Cainsville. Until then, ill be anxiously waiting.