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Pay It Forward

Shooting Scars - Karina Halle Team Javier. Spoilers ahead for all books. I have to say, I'm a little surprised at the support behind Cam. Yes Javier is a drug-lord. An active participant in illegal activities. A cheater. A crazy-mofo. But it's also evident that the chemistry between Javier and Ellie is off the charts. Their hating on each other is a total kind of lust I can get behind. Then there's Camden, and whilst yes, his relationship with Ellie is technically safer and has less Mexican illegal activities involved, I just cant throw my support behind him whilst Javier remains in the picture. Lets remember he held a gun to Ellie and blackmailed her. All after setting her up on a date to put her in a position where she could steal his money for the sole purpose of catching Ellie in the act. Anyway that's my 2 cents on it. I have a feeling Ellie will end up with Camden and Im happy to ride that train because I love these books, but Im throwng my towel behind Javier. As for book 2. I liked it. I didn't like it as much as Sins and Needles or On every street. I didn't even like Javier as much. What makes these books unbelievably good however is that you cant guess what's going to happen next, the characters are great, and they're all 100% out for themselves.