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The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley Considering the back and forth between now and then which normally fustrates me, i rather enjoyed this. I liked both the current day settings with Graham and the historical sections which focused on Sofia. Spoilers ahead...That said, what was the whole point in the Stuart and Captain Gordon interests? Was it really neccassary? And essentially, to sum the story up, it's just 2 similar stories of a man and lady meeting and falling in love. They're not epic stories either, by any means, but more-or-less a collection of events that typically arnt that exciting overall, but lead to 2 people deciding to be together.So yes, whilst I enjoyed it, there was nothing in the story or the characters that will leave a mark on me. I wont be recounting this story in a months time, or even probably a week. I dont think this story would be for everyone, especially those who need constant excitement.