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Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin Series #1)

Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin Series #1) - So i love myself a good urban fantasy. Pure escapism, and I loved the first half of this book. Sure, the main character was very ugh... up-herself... but I find that redeaming in some characters. Especially when a character has supposedly been around for a long period of time and has powers beyond humanity. It also added to the whole assassin character. If you were ever an assissin, you'd have to be confident and cocky enough in your own abilities... otherwise why would you risk your life?The world building was a dirty breathe of fresh air. Very unique; focussing on paranormals who dont normally take a front-line in urban fantasy. Shaedes were something i'd never come across before and an interesting concept. I liked that she used her abilities to her advantage amaongst humans, The heirarchy felt a bit vampire-like, which isnt necessarily a bad thing but something to be noted. So now, why 3 stars? (warning rant like text ahead)The second half of the book. What happened? I do not know, but i got bored. Fast. You know when you read a book and suddenly you have no idea what's been happening for the last ten pages? And then you go back to re-read it, but miraculously it happens again? That happened. I cant speak in definites, but personally, for me, it was definitely confusing, and when I get confused I get bored. Then there's the issue of the love triangle. Tyler, although likable, becomes a pushover, and Darian's opinion of him doesnt quite fit with that of the first half. Xander was likeable too. In fact, i actually liked both characters involved in the love triangle, but hated what eventuated out of their interactions. So much potential, nothing utilized. Despite the shortcomings I'll be looking at the reviews for the second installment. This installment had issues but im an addict in terms of characters that kick ass, particularly of the female variety and I do hope that the series uses it's potential. The potential is there and I'm crossing my fingers.