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Pay It Forward


Breathless - Jessica Warman Raw, realistic and subject matters out of the norm, from the jock christian boy refusing to have sex to the psychotically insane brother who kills cats without really thinking of the consequences. Katie, the main character, is the flower that rose from the pot of dirt. Her family, once poor, is now well off, she's good looking, good at swimming and destined for an Ivy league school. Breathless doesnt have a central plot to summarize with, but if i had to, I'd go with the fact that Katie gets sent to a boarding school after her brother attempts suicide in the streets of her own neighbourhood. Her brother, Will, is no doubt crazy. Crazy in the fact that he thinks the world is out to get him... and to be honest I felt sorry for him. What's great about Will though, is that he's accurate. Jessica Warman has done a great job at detailing the downward spiral of mental illness and has perfectly portrayed the paranoia, the up and down mood spirals and the explanations which excuse their own behaviour. Then there's the characters we're introduced to at the boarding school. Mazzie, of whom I especially Loved, a total intimadating Asian who obviously has no confidence in herself, and yet utterly crazy with her own problems at the same time. Then there's the flirty sports teacher (is it just me, or did every school have this?), the jocks, the outright it b*tch who everyone wants to be best friends with, the popular christian boy who refuses to have sex but is ready for err other things... I think what struck me most about this book, is that it wasnt perfect, but everything made sense. I kinda dug how everything didnt work out with a silver lining, but at the end of the day life goes on, and no matter what happened it wasnt the end all or be all of life. If I had one thing to pick on, it'd be the epilogue. I loathe them, but on a scale of 1-10 it wasnt the worst.