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Fixing Delilah

Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler GRRR i just lost a massive review and so now Im re-typing it. This isnt my day. Must remember to copy my reviews prior to hitting the save button because this isnt the first time it's happened!! *cries*When i recieved this book from a friend I was pleased but not excited. Ockler's other novels Twenty Boy Summer and Bittersweet, whilst good, didnt quite blow me away. This along with an okay cover and a goodreads average of below 4 meant i wasnt jumping the gun to read it.So when I did start reading Fixing Delilah I was completely blown away by just how good it was! Ockler was able to portray accurately portray friendships and family relationships in a lifelike manner accompanied with a main character of whom was very likeable. The portrayal of family relationships in particular struck my bones hard. Who doesnt remember, as a teenage girl, fightig with their mum, being emotionally upset and angry and simply wishing thigs could go back to a time when things were more pleasant! I remember being in highschool and we had a guest speaker who said to us "the people you sit with now, wont be the same friends you have when you leave highschool".At 15-16yrs old i remember thinking along the lines "pfffft, as if, ill never not be friends with these guys" because at that age you cant comprehend the fact that relationships change and move on. People unfortunately change and grow apart and Ockler manages to portray this to lifelike and relateable detail. So much so that it was comparable to my own history haha. If that alone doesnt convince you to read this, I have to mention the writing because, trust me, it's good. Id also recommend this in particular to Sarah Dessen fans and for those in need of a good swoon as the love interest, Patrick, walks around with his top off doing handyman stuff, and is definately swoon-worthy.