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Pay It Forward


Consequences - Aleatha Romig There are certain impossibilities I will let slide in plots which accentuate the storytelling. The idiocy of the main character in Consequences is not one of them. Claire wins the award for the most infuriating character in a novel which I finished. To give you an idea of who we're dealing with; Claire is Anna;s 50 shades of Grey dumber sister. For instance, after said main character gets kidnapped she does not make even one attempt at escape. In fact this character does not even think of escaping. EVER. Not even on the sly. This may seam plausible if the possibility of escaping seams unrealistic. This however is not the case. In fact, Clair is allowed the roam the house freely, go hiking, she's even allowed to walk populated cities with an escort. If that were me I'd be yelling that street down for freedom. She even has a doctor ask her how she got bashed, and that whatever she tells will be confidential. On top of this, her kidnapper takes her to fancy events. Say what. The storyline strongly suggests stockholm syndrome, however the character never seams to hate her kidnapper. I'm pretty sure when your kidnapped and immediately start to sympathize with your kidnapper the situation isnt related to stockholm syndrome, but batshit cray cray. I'd say that sums it up, but honestly it doesnt. It goes on for 500 pages. And yeah, the ending is a bit of a mindfuck, but honestly I think a buffoon would be able to outsmart that main character. The fact that she endured that ending isn't that surprising. If you want to read an amazing book with mindfuckery involving stockholm syndrome I'd rush to suggest you read Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas instead.