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Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker Spoilers...I seam to be in the minority here. I actually enjoyed the beginning of this book, it was the ending which left me feeling weird-ed out. The story begins with 2 sisters, whose parents died in a car accident earlier in their lives. Focusing on the older one Kacey, the story starts with both of them moving to Miami to escape a abusing uncle. It's a struggle, moneys tight, Kacey takes up a job at a strip joint (bartending only) to rake in extra cash, and punches things in her spare time to relieve some stress. Then of course she meets the hot guy (Trent), with cute dimples and a bad case of wanting to fix Kasey. I didnt mind the story at this point. Yes, a little cheesy, 99% predictable, but nice supporting character dynamics with a sing mom living next door and a fat bellied landlord and still enjoyable. It's when the story gets to the reveal that I got major creep vibes, and fair warning I'm letting loose the twist to the story, so if you don't want to be spoiled - read no further. It's not actually the twist which disturbed me, but one of the side details. If you havn't guessed the twist by now, its pretty obvious from the book bio. Trent turns out to be one of the passengers of the vehicle that drove into her parents car and ended in their deaths. Okay fair enough, dramatic twist. I can deal with that. What I cant deal with is the fact that Trent has been stalking Kacey for the PAST TWO YEARS. Oh and in order to meet her, he hacked into her email account, found out she was moving to Miami and promptly followed her and moved into the same building complex.ummm what. Is that necessary for story progression? To be fair, Kacey initially reacts somewhat properly to this (although id hope most people would have pressed charges). However the guy remains a love interest and is eventually forgiven??? and they live happily ever after. Everyone just seamed to brush it off like it was nothing and simply focused on the fact that he was simply apart of the car crash. That seamed to be the only issue. When did hacking into emails to track down someone who has specifically asked you not to contact them not addressed or pointed out as completely crazy? Instead it's covered up as a by-product of the emotional turmoil trent, *cough* i mean Cole, had to deal with.Anyway rant over. Overreaction maybe. The whole thing just left a terrible taste in my mouth.