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Falling From Grace (Grace, #1)

Falling From Grace (Grace, #1) - S.L. Naeole So I cant tell you how excited i was to read this one. It had stellar reviews. At the time I ordered it, the average goodreads rating was something along the lines of 4.5 or more. Hell, with reviews like that this book couldnt possibly be a bad read. Right? Unfortunately i was wrong. very very wrong. I hate writing less than stellar reviews but I think people should be warned before buying: this is not a 4 star book. I just wish someone had of warned me beforehand. But no, i bought it.So.. reasons why this a 1 star book, in numerical form:1. The main character and her "freakiness".Watch out guys, Grace is a freak. Or so we are told, numerous times and from numerous characters. Why you ask? No freaking idea (pun intended). Literally everyone, including Grace, reminds us she is a freak at every freakin (too far?) opportunity. When explained why, it's because she is different, dresses for comfort, doesnt hang around the cool kids and her mum died in a car accident. Yeah, because apparantly that constitutes wierd and freaky. 2. Insta-LoveThere is no build up in the relationship between Grace and Robert, nor is there much chemistry. He simply turns up as the new kid at school and has decided he cares very deeply for Grace. LITERALLY. 3. Descriptions GaloreThe over use of descriptions that were completely irrelevant to the plot were not only frustrating but only pro-longed the amount of time I had to spend reading this book. At times, paragraphs were so boring i was skipping two at a time to get to the actual point. It was like watching the bold and the beautiful; i can miss 2 months+ of episodes to turn it on and know exactly what is going on, as if ive missed nothing in that 2month+ period.4. Twilight rebornOkay, so im not quite a Twilight hater, nor am I a Twi-hard fan. But there's still no denying that, the plot was eerily similar to twilight, just replace Vampire with angel. Girl meets boy, boy is in love with girl. Girl is convinced she is an average nobody, and how could this guy possibly be in love with her. Note: Twilight is actually much better than this. Just comparing plots here. Also, i never got to the stage in Twilight where i wanted to skip sections. Good luck reading this if you choose to do so, personally i found the story and the characters rather forgettable, but who knows, perhaps I missed something. There does seam to be a questionable number of people who did outrageously love this book though...