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Deeper - Megan Hart Sometimes assigning an exact rating to a book is REALLY hard. Which is no truer than with Megan Hart's Deeper. The writing switched between two time frames, then, when Bess is a young adult, and Now, when Bess is older divorced with two kids. I LOVED the "then" sections. WOW. They blew me away. Megan Hart's writing is beautiful and the interactions, the setting, the characters felt so real. Nick was totally swoon-worthy. A bad boy worth liking. Bess was a main character I could relate to, had a level head and everything made sense. Not to take anything away from Megan Hart, but I wish she was a young adult writer because she absolutely nailed the (older-ish) young adult atmosphere. By comparison, the "now" sections weren't bad, I just didnt like them as much as the "then" sections. I think the main thing was the paranormal twist, which didnt fit with vivid-ness and reality focussed "then" sections. . Oh and can I just mention Nick again? Wow, what a complex character. I absolutely loved him and then managed to hate him when it counted. I think as a reader you go through everything Bess feels. My emotions fluttered like an ECG throughout this. I think i even sputtered tears at some stage, which is a rarity for me. The more I think about Nick, the more stars i want to give this book. *********************************************************** ;)