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Handcuffs - Bethany Griffin Be forewarned, this book was an emotionally intense read. I had to literally pause, jump around a bit, then sit back down every once in a while to vent the adrenaline. Im actually stunned when I read books like this, only to realise afterwards, only a few people on goodreads have read them. The intense moments with the ex boyfriend, the school, the family, the neighbours, the blogging, the everyday life, the mean girls. You experience it all with Parker, and you experience it all from her point of view and I LOVED IT. It was a fustrating but good experience because for most of the novel I was able to feel what Parker was feeling. Far out, I could feel myself stressing out for her, as expressed earlier i had to jump around! A lot of the time with YA today, you look at main character and you can see the mistakes the characters make, and you eyeroll at their stupid actions.With Handcuffs, you think the main character might be making a mistake, but your not 100% sure. So you keep reading and hoping with all hope that everything is going to be okay. With most YA novel there is a boy, in this book it's the ex-boyfriend, and there is some amazing chemistry. He's likeable and Parker's relationship with him makes you want him for yourself. Parker's relationship with the ex isnt anything new, in fact the novel takes place 2 weeks after these two have broken up. There's an obvious chemistry between them and as Ive already said, there's a lot to like about him. Then there's the other relationships, there's the relationship between the two sisters, the mum, the dad, the next door neighbour, the next door neighbour's sister, the other mean girls at school. The relationship between her best friend and her love interest. It's sooooo refreshing because as awesome as the ex is, she has relationships and a life outside them and those stories are just as interesting and aid in expressing exactly who the main character is. And you like the main character, she has likeable characteristics and you want nice things to happen to her.