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I'm Not Her

I'm Not Her - Janet Gurtler As a nurse, I come into contact with patient's with cancer on a regular basis. At the beginning of my career I was placed on an oncology ward and I remember absolutely loving it because the patients were always so appreciative and thankful for everything you did, not something you always recieve in the profession. Whats most tragic however is that despite there being multiple doctors, psychs, physios, OT's and nurses, their is no magic treatment for the family, and at the end of the day, because health professionals see so much incidences of cancer, its almost as if we become immune to the sadness of it. That is why I decided to read I'm Not Her; I wanted to reconnect with the patient aspect and be able to relate to my patients. I'd say this book did a thorough job on the families perspective, however at the same time the feelings ultimately felt superficial. It's a good book by anyones standards, but It wasnt quite the emotional go getter I was after. And yes, it deals with the family, but mostly the book is spent at the school and how the main characters life at school is affected. Also the death in the book totally threw me through a puzzle loop and didnt add anything to the storyline. Im still puzzling the reason as to why it was included? .